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Wormwood Tincture


When I think of Wormwood, Absinth comes to mind.  Of course I have never actually had Absinth, but Hollywood has influenced us to think of it as a dangerous party drug that is added to alcohol to enhance the potency.  So why make a Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) tincture???  Because Wormwood plant is NOT absinth; Wormwood is one of many ingredients used to make absinth.

So what is this plant I am rambling about?  Well, it has been coined a “cure-all” for centuries now due to its remarkable ability to invigorate the digestive process.  You see, Wormwood is the king of bitters; digesting even the heaviest meals and improving appetite (in cases of wasting disease).  Wormwood also tonifies the gallbladder and stomach.  In addition to providing digestion stimulation and comfort, at larger doses it expels parasites.  For the general population, needing to expel worms may never be an issue.  However, we are all infected to some degree and….well…just never watch this video on parasites that live in every human body.

Medicinal Actions of Wormwood:  Bitter, carminative, vermifuge, anti-inflammatory.

For digestion: Dilute 10 drops in a small amount of water or tea and consume before meals.  Do not consume wormwood for longer than 1 week; bitters have usually completed their therapy by then and are ineffective.

To expel worms (including pinworms):  Dilute 1 droppersful (30 drops) in a small amount of water or tea and consume 2x daily.

Wormwood has the potential to be toxic due to the chemical thujone, which is a powerful convulsant poison, and should be always be avoided by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and children.  General consumption (by non-pregnant adults) of wormwood tincture and teas are safe, if taken as directed, but the essential oil of Wormwood should be avoided at all costs.

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