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Shikimic Flu


I am entirely passionate about this product.  This is a herbal, better-than, tamiflu!  Did you know that prescription tamiflu is made from plants?  There is a chemical called Shikimic Acid, that is present in only a few plants in the world.  TWO of those are Florida natives!!!  Meant to be or what!  I have personal experience with the power of this remedy.

To cover my own ass I state on all alcohol containing products that it is NOT TO BE USED IN PREGNANCY, BREASTFEEDING, OR FOR CHILDREN.  I will stick by that.  However there are occasions where I use tinctures with children.  Some plants will simply not extract with glycerine, and the small dosage (were talking drops here) of an alcohol tincture can safely be digested by the liver of a child.  If you personally have the best intentions of the child at heart, and know the safe dosage, then you can give your child a tincture containing alcohol.  I feel that half of an adult dose is safe for a large child and a few drops is safe for a small child, however I will beg you to please be responsible and exhaust other options first (again covering my ass legally).

That being said!!!  We had the flu sweeping through my county and none of my family had gotten that horrible flu vaccine.  My son started violently throwing up in the morning, could hardly move, and we all knew what that meant.  I quickly gave him 4 drops of Shikimic Flu in a tinesy amount of water along with 10 drops of Ginger Syrup.  The throwing up stopped.  Two hours later I gave him 4 more drops of Shikimic Flu with more Ginger Syrup.  That was all she wrote.  No more fever, no more throwing up, up running around, and best of all no one else got sick.  Seriously!  My house’s only experience with the flu this year lasted only 4 hours.  There is a reason why they give out Tamiflu, the chemicals it contains works!

Now here is the catch (literally).  You must consume Shikimic Flu within 24 hours of the first signs of the flu for it to stop the flu from fully infesting your system.  However, if you miss that 24 hour window, continue to take Shikimic Flu in small doses, frequently.  It contains many other wonderful flu-fighting herbs to help you recover quicker!

Wild-harvested: Sweet Gum,  Slash Pine, Black Elderberry. Organic, homegrown Yarrow, Organic Cane Grain Alcohol.


Directions:  Within 24 hours of first flu symptoms, dilute one dropperful in a small amount of warm water or tea to consume.  Take 3-6 times per day depending on severity and digestive tolerance.  MAX 5 DAYS!


Not evaluated by the FDA. Not intended for consumption by children, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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