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Herbal First Aid Kit


Finally an Herbal First Aid Kit that is convenient, complete and effective enough to replace the traditional (i.e. chemical) first aid kit.  This kit has it all;  It’s 100% natural and 100% chemical free.

8 contents needed for the road:

Broken bones, gashes, sprains, swelling, burns???  The Comfrey Poultice (non-ingestible) has you covered!  The Antihistamine tincture has the perfect blend of Reishi Mushroom and Nettle for allergies and allergic reactions.  Use the Seminole Black Drawing Salve stick to pull out venom, splinters and poison.  Yarrow Powder will stop all bleeding and the Wound Stick is the perfect herbal solution to external injuries (as effective as Neosporin IMO), and for all forms of pain and inflammation relief – Black Willow Tincture.  The kit is wrapped in a LARGE natural cotton scarf to wrap wounds and a long, sturdy jute cord for tying up sprains, wrapping wounds, or making a tourniquet.  Not sure you will remember what to use what for?  No worries, it comes with an Herbal First Aid cheat sheet (or you can always call me- my personal cell phone number is always on every product!).

Practically living outside, I needed something I could carry with me (and keep in my car).  My personal herbal first aid kit has been in use for the past two years, and has had my back in every instance.  This makes a wonderful gift and is one of my personal favorites.  Thank you Mother Earth!

Obviously see a professional if serious injuries occur!!

Not evaluated by the FDA.

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