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Grandfather Oak; Graceful Aging Butter


As I went into my 30’s I started to notice all the signs of aging.  My adorable dimples had been replaced with creases, the years of laughing with friends carved (what seemed like) canyons from the corners of my eyes, and the signs of squinting and frowning showed in my forehead.  I began purchasing copious amounts of expensive products that claim to reduce wrinkles and sun damage (yes, I am regretting not wearing hats, my mother was right).  Some of them worked, most of them did not.  One thing they all had in common was they were pure chemicals.  It’s funny to realize that we are ingrained to think that chemicals can do the job better than nature, which is a completely false statement.  Nature provides us with everything we need.  So I began to look to the antioxidant plants that were growing around me.  I studied the different oils and butters and how I could combine them to produce a fully effective light graceful aging cream.  That’s right GRACEFUL AGING –  not anti-aging.  We are all destined to age, I am not the type to deny that and go for cosmetic surgery, and this butter will not help those types.

This butter contains organic homegrown Calendula and Lotus leaves known for their antioxidant & toning activity – infused in organic virgin coconut oil.  I added organic Grapeseed oil (high in Vitamin-E, Essential Fatty Acids, Omega-6, and natural chlorophyll), organic Baobab oil which is a natural wrinkle reducer high in Omega-3 and Vitamin C, organic Jojoba oil which mimics the molecular composition of human skin, restores elasticity, and is anti-inflammatory.  I added a bit of organic Borage oil which is known to balance and regulate cell activity thus reducing aging and sun damage.  I balanced my oils with Aloe butter (which I use in EVERYTHING!) for moistureization and healing, Horsetail butter which is mineral rich in collagen, elastin, and silicon,  Kokum butter which is 80% stearic-oleic-stearic triglycerides (these SOS’ job is to prevent drying, reduce wrinkles and skin degeneration), and lastly Acai butter which is a very unique natural source for Anthocyanin (a powerful antioxidant) and extremely high in vitamins and minerals.  -I told you I do my research-  Lastly, I added Oak Moss Absolute.  This is my favorite smell in the world.  If Mother Earth had a smell, this is it.  It is a sweet earthy smell, the one you experience standing in the woods in the spring.  Oak Moss Absolute is best used as a spiritual and emotional scent.  It uplifts the soul and cools the emotions, perfect for the aging body.

Grandfather Oak; Graceful Aging Butter can be used in combination with other creams or alone.  A little bit melted between the palms of the hands can be melted then rubbed into any part of the face or body for an extremely safe and effective natural graceful aging cream.  It does not leave behind any oily residue and soaks in completely when the correct amount is used.

Store away from the heat and light (it lives in my makeup drawer).

This product is not evaluated by the FDA (who doesn’t believe in the healing property of plants).

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