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Goodnight Moon Butter


Goodnight Moon Butter is a skin-calming, mind-relaxing, ultra absorbent butter for those dry itchy areas. Goodnight Moon Butter is the result of my son’s sleepless nights and a friend suggesting Essential Oils as a remedy (don’t worry, I did not laugh out loud).  I have nothing against essential oils, I just believe the healing properties are in the WHOLE PLANT.  

This butter is made mainly from organic raw coconut oil infused with fresh homegrown organic lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), which is surprisingly hard to do.  Lavender is also very hard to grow here in South Florida, so I make sure to use it when it is blooming and dry what is left over, before our strong summer sun and high humidity burns out my plants.

Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties, associated with stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.  Fresh lavender is also calming to the skin, which is beneficial to those who have eczema like my son.  The lavender infused coconut oil is combined with other moisturizing organic oils, and then whipped together with healing butters to produce this calming, melt-on-contact, non-greasy, ultra absorbing, relaxing butter.

Directions for use:  Take a small amount and melt between palms, rubbing into skin until completely absorbed.  Yup.  That easy, that natural, that moisturizing.

Organic, non-hybrid, homegrown fresh Lavendula angustifolia, organic raw coconut oil, organic walnut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic Moringa infused coconut oil, organic non-GMO lavender butter, organic non-GMO acai butter, organic non-GMO Aloe butter, organic non-GMO mango butter, organic non-GMO avocado butter, Vitamin E (T-50), Rosemary Antioxidant Extract, Lavender essential oils from Bulgaria and France.

Store in a cool dry location for best preservation.

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