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Black Willow Bark Tincture


This plant and I have a connection.  I see it everywhere.  It glows neon green while yelling at me “I’m over here”!  And every time I see it, I am re-amazed at the medicinal qualities it contains.  I wish I could show everyone that they could simply go outside-and do what Huck Finn did… scrape off some bark and chew on it!  It’s that easy!  A small section will not harm the tree at all, and the basic chemical compound Salicin is enough to relieve all sorts of pain.  Herbal aspirin is slow working and may take up to 45 minutes to feel relief, but its effects last almost twice as long as traditional aspirin.

Along with being the perfect herbal aspirin, black willow bark is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-septic, and antioxidant.  The Salicin is present in the bark and once consumed it is absorbed by the stomach then turning into salicylic acid.  It does not eat away at the stomach lining because it does not stay there.  Aspirin is proven to prevent a heart attack due to the anti-clotting effects, therefore one dose/day of the tincture is reported to do the trick as well.

I have heard that it is recommended to slow the progression of arthritis.  From personal experience, I can testify to its amazing relief of the few arthritis flair ups I have had.

Black Willow Bark is also used extensively in anti-ageing regimens.  The antioxidant properties reduce free radicals and slow cellular oxidation in the body.  Consuming Black Willow tea or tincture will still help with aging, smoothing the skin from the inside.  The antiseptic qualities will clean &  tighten.

Ingredients:  Inner bark wild-harvested from the Black Willow (Salix nigra), Organic cane grain alcohol.

To consume dilute appropriate dose in a small amount of water or tea.

For headaches, sore muscles, fever- 1-2 droppersful (1-2 ml), depending on severity- ex: minor headache 1 droppersful, ran the Appalachian trail 2 droppersful drops – every other houruntil pain/fever is no longer an issue.  Max dose 8 droppersful in a 24 hour period.

For  menstrual cramps & arthritis –  2 droppersful every other hour as needed.

For prevention of heart attacks & migraines:  1/2 dropperful (half mL) once a day.

Can also be added to herbal tea for increased benefits, or 4 droppersful can be combined with 2 cups of hot water for an anti-aging rinse or facial steam bath.


DO NOT CONSUME if you are allergic to aspirin or are breastfeeding, pregnant, or a child under 16.  Not evaluated or approved by the FDA.  

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