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Antihistamine Tincture


When my son was younger, hives were daily. His allergies were so out of control; histamines over firing with everything from 2nd hand pet dander to disguised ingredients in food. I needed a replacement for benedryl, since it was going into his body almost daily. Nettle was powerful enough to stop the hives from progressing but I needed something to make them actually go away. Reishi worked like a charm. When my son was younger he drank a mix of nettle, reishi and hani honey daily for his allergies. This tincture is extracted Nettle combined with DUAL extracted Reishi mushroom, the extraction being more potent than a tea.

This tincture is in the First Aid Kit, perfect for trail side bites and stings. It is also one of the perfect remedies for seasonal allergies (combined with Allergy Relief Tea).

Directions for Seasonal Allergies: Dilute 2 Droppersful (2ml) in a small amount of water to dilute. Consume 1-3 times each day for best results.

Directions for Allergic Reaction, Bite or Sting: Dilute 4 droppersful in a small amount of water. Repeat every 30 minutes if needed.

Organic wild harvested Reishi Mushroom, Organic Homegrown Nettle. Organic Cane Grain Alcohol, Berkey Distilled Water

Not intended for pregnancy or children due to the alcohol content. Not evaluated by the FDA. Seek medical attention if necessary!! Produced using GMP.

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