About Laura

I was raised in the Florida Keys, growing up in Marathon’s Crane Point Hammock.  My family moved to  California’s Catalina Island for a few years, living in a small town with miles of untouched land behind it.   We soon moved to St. Lucie County, when I was in middle school, after my father started a Mitigation Banking business.  I eventually decided to plant my roots here after many adult years of trying to make Keys life work.

Both of my parents are tree-huggers; my mother a Botanist and potter and my father, an Environmentalist.  When I tell people this, they normally say “OOOooohhhhh” like that explains it all!  I grew up around plants and have been very close to nature my entire life, most of the time I lived in the middle of it.  That was the main reason I finally decided to plant my roots (literally and metaphorically) in Saint Lucie County.  We still own and operate a preserve   which houses a myriad of Florida native plants, many I hand planted when I was younger.  Living among Florida’s plants for most of my life, I picked how the Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes used them as medicine.

Now my son, JW, has the privilege of growing up in the Florida woods, and is the reason why euFLoria healing was formed.  He helps in every step of making plant medicine, including the trial run (aka- the guinea pig).  Along with JW’s help, the rest of my family and friends stand as the customer voices (critics).  I would have never thought that I would turn a passionate hobby into a career (and sometimes I despise that decision), and I give gratitude to Mother Earth on a daily basis.

Besides being a “work from home” mommy who is trying to raise a crazy boy, I also work on the ranch as a native seed specialist.  I am also an activist against GMO’s, big pharma, pesticides, and fluoride in our city’s water.  I enjoy finding new Paleo recipes, teaching children about Florida, and raising Monarch butterflies.  I am your typical present day hippie.  If you ever have any questions, please contact me!!!