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Rhodiola Plus Kava


I love making Kava plus products; this plant blends so well with so many other plants. Rhodiola is my go-to for depression, it is quite the mood-enhancer, making a sense of well being. So what does Rhodiola plus Kava do? You will get the combined effects of the Rhodiola plus the anxiety-eliminating effects of Kava, making it the perfect daytime blend! Energy enhancing, mood lifting, and nerve soothing…this and the Universal Energy Shot tea are both in my morning routine!

Dilute 2 droppersfull (2ml) in a small amount of water to consume. Take morning and afternoon, daily for best effects.

Organic USA Small-Farm sourced: 7yo lateral Kava roots, Rhodiola roots. Organic cane grain alcohol.

Not intended for pregnancy or children due to alcohol. Not evaluated by the FDA. Produced Using GMP.

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