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Kava Kava Tincture


Kava: the natural, non-habit forming, effective anxiety treatment.

I am in love with Kava.  My kava plants, kava tea, kava muscle rub, kava tincture…I even teach workshops about Kava!  I love it because it works.

Kava Kava is a South Pacific native plant, that was initially reserved for those who held position in the tribe.  Word got out about its benefits and fast forward a hundred years,  and there are kava bars in every city.  Kava is best known for treating anxiety- particularly social anxiety.  It is a non-sedating, non-habit forming, non-narcotic anxiety solution.  In fact, research has shown that Kava is AS effective as benzodiazepines in relieving anxiety but does not block emotions, dull the senses, or impair reaction time. Instead, kava elevates mood and increases mental awareness.  It also works well for mild depression, insomnia, headaches, UTI, kidney stones, STD’s, irritable bladder, pain relief, muscle spasms, arthritis, emotional stress, mouthwash for toothache and canker sores, menopausal symptoms, anger & outbursts associated with Alzheimer’s & dementia.  So why is Kava not everywhere?  That would be our FDA’s fault, Kava is widely prescribed in Germany for various conditions.

Medicinal actions of Kava:  Anti-anxiety, anti-spasmodic, diuretic, relaxant, sedative, circulatory & nervous system stimulant, tonic, urinary antiseptic, aphrodisiac, nervine relaxant, hypnotic, anti-fungal

So what makes my Kava better than that at your local Kava bar?  The true medicine is formed in the lateral roots after the plant is 7 years or older.  That started limiting me to how much I could produce from what I was growing… so I reached out to a family member in Hawaii who just happens to run an organic Kava farm!  He guarantees that the Kava he sends me is organic, open-pollinated, 7 years or older lateral roots (aerial portions of the plant contain pipermethystine which will damage the liver).  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust a Kava bar that has never even seen a Kava plant!

Directions:  Dilute 2-4 droppersful (2-4ml) in a small amount of water or tea to consume.  Consume as needed but beware of narcotic effects with large doses (euphoria, intoxication).

Not evaluated or approved by the FDA.  Kava IS approved and prescribed in Germany.  Not safe for children or pregnancy due to alcohol content.

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