euFLoria healing was born out of necessity after the traditional medical system failed my son. I now share my plant medicine so that you may find the peace and healing that I have found growing in Florida. All of my materials are (of course) organic and Non-GMO, including my ethically wild-harvested and homegrown plants. I source most of my raw materials from small businesses located in Florida. If I would not give it to my son, I do not sell it.
Laura Olson

Laura Olson

My role, as a Native Herbologist, is to help my customers return to, and maintain optimal homeostasis through the addition of Whole Plant Medicine. Homeostasis is met when the body can survive in its environment, and remain stable. All areas of your life are important to reach this goal; diet, exercise, prescription medicine and daily supplements, physical health, sleep habits, and spirituality.

Holistic Life Coach

One hour, in depth look into physical and mental concerns and lifestyle with the goal of returning the body back to homeostasis. First herbal remedies included. Text or call 772 418 2200 for more information and scheduling.

I treat myself, my family-including my 8 year-old son, and my friends with the same Plant Medicine I offer to you. I have been using Whole Plant Medicine for years and find my methods superior to other herbal companies and traditional medicine. Whole Plant Medicine Method utilizes the medicinal parts of the plant fresh to treat the person as a whole. Treating a symptom is not how Herbology works and there is no such thing as a “magic” herbal remedy. Herbs are meant to encourage the body’s natural response, not take its place.

Medicinal plants contain energy from the sun and the Earth’s life force, when we consume them as fresh as we can, we are consuming the healing force of the universe. However, like traditional medicine, herbal remedies still need to be respected. It is up to the customer to ingest only as directed, and be aware of all ingredients. Tinctures made with organic cane grain alcohol are not to be consumed by those who are pregnant, children, recovering alcoholics, or those with liver damage. If unwanted side effects occur, discontinue use promptly. ALL herbal tinctures have a child resistant top, but again, it is up to you to store it in a safe location.

I am not a medical doctor, I do not have a government license to practice Herbology (one does not exist FYI). Only a physician can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medicine. Plant medicine works with conventional medicine, and often boosts their efficacy always research how the herbal remedy will interact with prescribed medication. It is not recommended to discontinue physician prescribed medicine or visits. I do not claim to cure any condition and all herbal remedies are taken purely at the customer’s discretion.

By optimizing the body’s ability to self-heal and recover, we return our body to a naturally healthy state of being and by using plant medicine, we regain power over our health.

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Florida Native Medicinal Plant Specialist

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